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BigBill, I own those less expensive models too. They are pretty good tools on occasion.
I particularly like and own Pre82 S&Ws and Colts. Thankfully, I am past my years old dislike for the newer guns. While I do not and will not buy the newer guns, I can't get all worked up about folks who choose to spend their hard earned money any way they choose.
Taurus and Charter Arms have been on the cutting edge of development this past decade. I just wish they would charge just a little more and "finish" their development.
Charter Arms with the Boomer.
Taurus with the smallest 9mm and 38 special revolvers ever. 11 ounces loaded!
Lotsa good stuff on many levels. Thankfully, so far I have had NO problem finding and buying Pre 82 S&Ws.Spend your money and take your chances.
Carry and shoot everyday!
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