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Originally Posted by MJFlores View Post
Lets face it, most of us despise the lock, the frame mounted firing pin, the MIM parts, and the crappy finishes of the newer generation revolvers.
Wow! That's a lot to "despise." I prefer frame mounted firing pins. And MIM parts have not been a problem for me -- I certainly don't despise them or the lock for that matter. And there are new features that I prefer over the old. Examples: The new detent lock-up on the 2.75" 66-8 (so we don't have to worry about the ejector rod backing out when the SHTF); the new two-piece barrels; the machining inside the guns (I have some guns from the seventies in which the insides look like they were milled out with a dull rock). Oh, and I prefer stainless to blued.

I suppose my point is "despise" is an awfully emotionally loaded word to apply to manufactured goods that by in large function as advertised (and when they don't they are covered by warranty).
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