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Default Your Choice in Field Revolvers

I have worked for quite a while completing my collection of revolvers for field use. I have other handguns for social work, but the two S&W 629's below are what I use when in the field in areas with big critters (grizz or moose). I use .357's (other than S&W) for areas where black bears are the biggest critters. Each one serves a different purpose in my lineup (although they can overlap if needed). All of my field revolvers are stainless steel for weather protection. Although my collection has revolvers other than S&W, I would like to hear which S&W revolvers you bring with you in the field.

Taurus 970 6.5" Stainless .22 (Primary small game hunting revolver)
Ruger SP101 4" Stainless .22 (Utility farm/camping tool)
Ruger GP100 3" Stainless Wiley Clapp TALO .357 mag (Utility camping/hiking revolver in areas with boar/black bear/mountain lion)
Ruger GP100 6" Stainless Unfluted TALO .357 mag (A hunting 357 that can handle the hottest Buffalo Bore 180gr. rounds for black bear and big pigs)
Dan Wesson 7.5" Stainless Ported .357 mag (A hunting 357 that is used with 158gr. JSP - mostly for coyotes and deer)
Smith and Wesson 629 Classic 5" .44 mag (Utility camping/hiking revolver for Big Bear/Moose medicine)
Smith and Wesson 629 7.5" Performance Center Stealth Hunter .44 mag (Hunting 44 for bigger critters than deer or black bear)

I found the hunting length revolvers were a bit long for utility work so I added a shorter .22, .357, and .44 to the mix for utility/camping/critter defense as needed). What are your choices in the field and what made you choose that particular tool in your toolbox?
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