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Originally Posted by Rule3 View Post
Nothing against Berrys or any plated. Good plated bullets can be loaded almost to FMJ loads as you say, They are not going to fall aprt, But they still are soft and plated, Yes you can crimp them but need to be careful not to crack the plating
They are not fine china

Your loads are below their max so all is good.

Take one and smash it with a hammer, then smash a Hard Cast lead bullet.

But THEY are SOFT lead. Swagged bullets by design are softer than cast bullets.

Granted it is usually discussed that lead is softer in plated bullets. Well if plated bullet lead is that SOFT I would think that a .44 cal bullet hitting a log of wood at 1100 fps would mushroom a least a little. The bullet the OP posted showed no mushrooming. The OP's post was about how hard the lead was and how the plating held up in those Berry's. Based on his results it seems manufactures maybe starting to harden the lead up and he may be on to something.
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