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Default BE-86. What a mess! UPDATE

I haven't loaded 9mm Luger ammo since 1995, but recently started again after acquiring a Glock G26. I previously used Unique and WAP (Winchester Action Pistol), but I figured I would try the newer Alliant BE-86 powder after reading a few reviews. I followed Alliant's published data for 124g jacketed hollow points. I was surprised at the high level of recoil I experienced, even at mid level charges. But what really surprised me was the mess it made in my powder measure. When I decided to remove the BE-86 from the powder measure to try another powder, I found that it was clinging to the inside walls and could not be removed without disassembling the powder measure, washing it in soapy hot water, and then mechanically removing it with a brush. The next day, I decided to load some more rounds with BE-86 and had the same problem when it was time to switch powders.
For this reason alone, I will not use it again. I also found that I got much better accuracy with Unique, the powder that everyone loves to hate. Everyone except for me, that is.

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