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I carry gun holstered, empty, and one bullet in my shirt pocket, just in case...

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Actually, DA revolvers I carry in a hip holster, fully loaded. Most all of my DA revolver use these days is for sporting use.

S/A's - Ruger new models fully loaded and holstered. Colts, and Colt clones, 5 rounds with the hammer down on an empty chamber.

1911's, fully loaded, cocked and locked. I prefer a holster with a safety strap that goes between the hammer and frame.

DA semi's like the LCP or SIG, fully loaded, usually with the safety on, if it has one. I practice using the safety so it's second nature.

For pocket carry, only semi's or revolvers with a long DA first shot. I don't like to carry cocked and locked SA's, or striker fired pistols with typical striker fired triggers in my pocket. Call me a prude, but I have seen bad things happen when pocket carry and short, light trigger pulls are mixed.

Striker fired, always in a holster that covers the trigger guard, preferably stiff Kydex so there is no chance of soft leather getting into the trigger guard.

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