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Originally Posted by andyo5 View Post
...But what really surprised me was the mess it made in my powder measure. When I decided to remove the BE-86 from the powder measure to try another powder, I found that it was clinging to the inside walls and could not be removed without disassembling the powder measure, washing it in soapy hot water, and then mechanically removing it with a brush.
For this reason alone, I will not use it again...
BE-86 is not the problem.
Sounds like you have a problem with your powder measure.

I use BE-86 in everything from 9mm to 45 Colt with outstanding results.
It's very close to Unique in load charge weights and burn rate.

It has become my favorite powder. I buy a pound of it every payday.
If I could have only one powder, it would be BE-86.


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