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Years ago my Dad went goose hunting at the property of a fellow who owned a barge lines in Kentucky. He and a couple other fellows were waiting at the Camp house as this was a full blown hunting lodge type place (just not as fancy as some ). They were all discussing(debating) whose vehicle to take to drive out to the blinds in the fields because it had recently rained. It seems no one wanted to get their car that dirty.
A couple minutes later the fellow who had invited them pulled up apologized for being late and told them to jump into his car. My Dad said they all looked at each other for a second, it was a brand new Lincoln Towncar. One of the guys said, hey you don't want to drive this out there.
The gents reply was " I bought this car to drive, if I cant drive it whenever I want , wherever I want , I will buy another car.
Dad said they piled in but all felt a little small, and he tried to follow that type of philosophy from then on. Bob
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