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Originally Posted by dwhite View Post
I just got my new 66-8 back from warranty work on Friday. Amongst other things I complained about the wide-ish cylinder gap at .010-.011 and burrs on the crown.

They replaced the barrel (probably because of the burrs) and the new cylinder gap is .003. Perfect!!!

As the old gap was in-spec, I doubt they would have replaced/refitted the barrel just for that. Regardless I'm happy now.

p.s. It shot fine with the .010 gap; but it was one of my dirtier guns. We'll find out in a couple of hours how this new gap performs.
I just got my new 66-8 snub back on Friday also. It was "venting" in S&W's terminology. Spitting in mine!
The BC gap was a nice .004 inch.
The repair slip says they cut the forcing cone and repaired the yoke. I think the chamber to barrel alignment was not good enough, and caused the "venting". This would not be a timing issue, but the chamber being either too high or low, with respect to the barrel. A timing error would make the alignment off left or right.
The original forcing cone was more of a suggestion of a "cone". The rifling was still evident at the very rear of the barrel.
I think the 66-8's are a little dirtier due to the need to modify the gas ring to avoid cutting the bottom of the rear of the barrel flat on the bottom. Probably a good trade-off.
Off to the range tomorrow.


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