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Default New Shield .40 and 9mm first impressions

Picked up these 2 during the rebate promotion. I added Talon grips and painted in the lettering with Testors to match the Hyve magazine extensions (can't really tell as it's a lousy photo). I also purchased 8 extended mags for each and added Pearce extensions to each of them.

I've put about 300 rounds through each so far and am really liking the scale and reliability. No issues with either being fed cheap Winchester 165gr for the .40 and 115gr for the 9mm. So far, I think the trigger is just fine for a SD CCW. I'm reading through past threads to get an idea on which sights to put on them, as well as realizing that not only do I need a new eyeglass prescription, but I'll likely try out the single vision shooting glasses others have talked about here. My progressive lenses are too much of a pain to get the orientation of head tilt, front sight focus and hope to replicate the exact combination for each shot. As other threads have noted, I too started out shooting low and left. For me, it was just anticipating the recoil and was quickly corrected with practice. Thanks to others posting about their experiences with the Shields here, it's been a great help in getting these dialed in so quickly.

I'm really impressed with these Shields and will rotate them weekly until I decide which will become my EDC.
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