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Originally Posted by nsfdfiremed View Post
I received my S&W archive letter, Mr. Jinks informed me that my gun is 1954 manufacture that originally had a 4" barrel! Apparently sometime after it left the factory a 5" barrel was swapped onto it. Very disappointing but it is still a great gun.
I believe that's a first . . . at least in my research of the 5" CM. I've seen several 6" Masterpieces cut down to 5", but never one with a barrel replacement . . . or a barrel stretching job

The normal method of checking for an original barrel is the matching serial number to the frame. Don't recall if we discussed that or not.

If done by the S&W factory, a barrel swap would have a matching s/n stamped on the barrel flat. It would also likely have a re-work date stamped on the left side of the grip frame under the wood stocks. It would look something like 4.56 for April 1956.

A factory barrel swap would help the value but would be unusual after 1954 since most (if not all) of the 6" tapered barrels were used up by then.

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