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Originally Posted by dthompson View Post
I recently purchased a new Smith and Wesson 686 Plus 7 shot revolver (3 inch barrel) and am extremely pleased with it. However, I would like to put some nice Wood grips on it for esthetic purposes (I don't plan to use it for carry). After perusing this forum I have decided on going with the Altamont Silverblack combat grips. My question is twofold:

1. how difficult is it to remove the factory grips and replace them with Altamont grips?
2. can anyone point me to a video or a set of directions on how to do it?

Thanks, in advance,
Del Thompson
It's not terribly difficult if you're careful with it. Mine we're pretty tight, so after removing the screw in the grip, I took a thin hex wrench and put it in the screw hole at an angle so it was pressing against the inside of the opposite grip. I then gently tapped on the hex wrench until that side of the grip came off.

After than you can just push the other side off through the frame with your hands.
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