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Originally Posted by riverrat38 View Post
I just got my new 66-8 snub back on Friday also.
The repair slip says they cut the forcing cone and repaired the yoke. I think the chamber to barrel alignment was not good enough, and caused the "venting".
The original forcing cone was more of a suggestion of a "cone". The rifling was still evident at the very rear of the barrel.
Sounds about like my FC was. Very short & shallow. Historically I've found the 2-piece barrel revolver to have good FCs on all of my others.

I believe the FCs are formed when the EDM/ECM rifling process is done on the 2-piece barrels, unlike on the one-piece barrels. Mine had what looked like faint "rifling" in the FC too.

The diameter of the FC was way too small on mine also. Smaller than the bullet's .357" dia. I believe that's what caused the spitting, not the alignment.

See my post, with pics, about it in Issues with my 66-8 2.75" :

The calliope crashed 2-the gnd
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