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Originally Posted by 292 View Post
I think maybe my "can't shoot worth a hoot" comment was misleading. I actually am proficient. Not saying I wouldn't benefit from a lesson but I can keep my shots on a sheet of notebook paper with my new 637. I load a 250 gr Kieth bullet with 19.3 grains of 2400 for the M29. I'm minute of milk jug with those. But, there's always room for improvement.
Well, I bought a new 637 for my wife, thought I'd go shoot it before giving it to her...good thing I did, it was very harsh shooting +P's so bought her a box of full wad cutters. Not bad now. She wanted some thing in .22 to practice with about the same size so got her a small Charter arms with a 2" barrel. Just right size. She fell in love with my 1903 HE in .32long. now going to try her on my 1911.
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