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Originally Posted by 292 View Post
7 or 8 years ago the only handgun I owned was a Ruger Single Six 22 and the only other handgun I had ever shot was a Star 9mm. A friend and I were coaching a high school shooting team and he mentioned that he had a "Dirty Harry gun" and the next week brought it to practice. Although I couldn't hit anything with it, you might say I fell in love. He said he bought the gun at a deal and would sell it for what he paid. My friend, my wife and my son colluded, a word you might have heard in the news lately, and that Christmas the handgun, complete with holster, was wrapped and under the tree with my name on it. An 8 3/8" 29-2. After that it was reloading, casting, homemade shotshells and several more Smiths. I still can't shoot a handgun worth a hoot but it sure is fun trying.
My experience with S/W is due to the fact about 50+ yrs ago everyone here in Eastern Ky seemed to carry Smith's I've owned about every brand but always seem to go with my Smiths. Not interested in their auto's, always went with colt or Ruger in Auto's.
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