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Originally Posted by My9 View Post
It's my friends pistol. We are in the Coral Springs area. Thanks for the offer, but I think he can live with the gritty uptake for now. I knew of the areas to polish in the Gen 1 M&P but not the M2.0. It's sounding more like it's burrs in the striker plunger bore. He did polish the trigger bar but I don't think he wants to drift out the rear sight.

I'm still confused when I asked you on post #7 if the striker block and spring were replaced, you answered yes they were, but now you are saying that your friend doesn't want to remove the rear sight !! there is no way of replacing the striker block without removing the rear sight, that's why it is still gritty, most of the grittiness comes from the striker block/channel, the whole kit needs to be installed to get the best results.

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