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My short answer is no.

My first longer answer is yes, possibly or maybe even probably, for those who use handguns in competition and in their jobs that they greatly like and are used to so it is a simple matter for them to carry a "shrunken one".

But my longer answer is "no", but that goes for those of us who like revolvers, especially short barreled revolvers, although I daresay there are plenty of folks out there who successfully conceal 3" and 4" wheel guns.

The pocket revolver goes everywhere, easily conceals, and the general shooting/self defense populace doesn't feel under gunned with a 5 shot revolver in, usually, but not always, .38 Special caliber.

I have a pocket holster for a 2" snubby K-frame that I can use when I wear loose fitting cargo pants. That gives me the ability to carry a 6-shooter instead of a 5 shot J frame. Better yet, however, I routinely carry a 6 shot, snubbie K frame on my belt. Very easy to conceal under an open shirt, loose shirt, or vest.

The biggest problem "concealed carry revolver" folks have is the dearth of such guns except in five shot sizes. Colt just brought back a "Cobra", and Kimber now makes a couple of them, maybe Taurus makes one, I am not certain. If S&W started a run of Model 10 snubbies I bet they would sell in quantity and quickly. K frame snubbies are so much better in so many ways than any five shot wheelie that it would not surprise me if the sellers could even keep them in stock for any length of time.

There are occasions when I carry a CS-9, a single stack 9mm, and sometimes a 6906, a double stack 9mm. But my first preference is always a snubbie revolver and I don't think that I am alone. Not for older guys, anyway.....
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