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I would say that no, the single-stack 9mm hasn't killed the carry revolver, but I think it's encroached significantly into the revolver's domain, maybe even the majority of the domain. But I think there will always be people around who will appreciate the capabilities of a good snub revolver.

I EDC a 642, but I have to admit that a single-stack 9mm would be a nice option to have. I'm not taking about pocket 9s, though. I'm thinking something along the lines of a Sig P239 or a Kahr P9.

Originally Posted by ISCS Yoda View Post
If S&W started a run of Model 10 snubbies I bet they would sell in quantity and quickly. K frame snubbies are so much better in so many ways than any five shot wheelie that it would not surprise me if the sellers could even keep them in stock for any length of time.
A little off topic, but I always thought a scandium alloy/stainless steel version of the 2" Model 12 RB, with a dovetailed front sight, would make for a great concealed carry K-frame.

Also, I miss my bobbed/DAO 2" 64.

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