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Originally Posted by American1776 View Post
I love revolvers, but I do think the 5 shot snub nose is getting eclipsed by the plethora of small and reliable 380 and 9mm.

The main reason for the 5 shot snub was pocket sized reliability. There was a time when reliable small autos were few and far between. Today, the newer small autos are very reliable.

Also, 5-6 rounds may not be enough today. Multiple attackers, terrorists with rifles, and mass public shooters with long arms are a real possibility. When the 5 shot snub was popular, a good guy was most likely going to up against bad guys with revolvers. Now, bad guys will have 18 shot pistols at a minimum.

You can find many cases of police officers (both on and off duty) and armed citizens who either died or lost a gunfight due to running their 5-6 shot wheelguns dry. Many of these situations were much like what a private citizen might face (mall shooting or the like).

7-9 rounds of 380 or 9mm, with a fast reload, beats 5 shots of 38 and a slow reload.
Could you please link to these armed citizens who died because their revolvers ran out of ammo? My reload is going to be to grab another snubby, hopefully that won't take too long.
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