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My daily attire, what I wear, dictates what I carry as a concealed sidearm. For approx 8 months of the year, I wear shorts(swim trunks). The other 4 months, warm-ups long pants.
Rarely do I wear long pants with a belt.
I will be 79 on Aug 19th. I am a born Texan, veteran.
Therefore, my daily carry is a Kel-Tec P-11 holding a total of 12 rounds of 9mm Luger hi-po hollow points.
My other carry is a Smith&Wesson stainless Model 60 .357 mag with 5 rounds of 125 grain hi-po .357 hollow points.
As a retired Leo,this attire reflects that I am just an old male curmudgeon shopping at the store. Nothing more.
I mind my own business and do not get involved unless I am in danger.
That's it, nothing more.
Texas stores are full of old farts just like me.
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