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Originally Posted by American1776 View Post
We should all carry what we are comfortable with and prefer.

that said, the only writer I know who has compiled the biggest 'data base' of both civilian and LEO shootings is Mr. Ayoob. In his writings, you'll find that there are *many* cases of LEO's and armed private citizens who either lost a gunfight, or would have lost the fight, because they had, or had they had a 5-6 shot wheelgun. What's more telling, is that Ayoob cannot find one single case of someone armed with an 8 shot autoloader (like a 1911 or model 39) who lost a gunfight due to running the gun dry.

It seems that 8-9 shots meets a certain threshold that 5-6 doesn't, AND the super fast reload of a magazine change (over even a speed loader) keeps the good guy in the fight well enough over a wheelgun.
That's why I like to carry extra ammo and a New York Reload.
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