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I bought a new MK IV Lite. Only bought it because I finally received my government papers for my .22 suppressor and needed a threaded barrel to start the fun. My Browning Buckmark, that I have had for a long time is not threaded so I had to make a move.

Little did I know that I bought a pistol that is under recall, grrrrrr. Have fired the new one a few times and it ran perfectly. The only thing is that I nearly needed two fingers to pull the trigger. Going to need a Volquartsen kit to make it shootable for my purposes. There is goes another $120.00, again grrrrrr.

Should have just bought a Tactical Solutions threaded barrel for my old Buckmark .22 and called it a day.

This is the second new Ruger purchase in a row that I have been disappointed in. I may be sort of over them for a while till they get their act together.
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