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Originally Posted by regmag-621 View Post

I own:

four Triple-Locks in .455 and three 2nd Modells in .455:

# 2373 found in Switzerland some weeks ago and I'm still working on the export papers -no Caliber markings-
# 3628 converted to .45LC (recessed perfect work) -no Caliber markings-
# 4534 -no Caliber markings-
# 7827 -from the .44 Spl run converted to .455 -no Caliber markings-

2nd Modell .455
# 29198 -with Caliber markings-
# 31782 converted to 45 ACP (rearside of the Cylinder turned off) -with Caliber markings-
# 66549 -with Caliber markings-

Best regards from Germany

Paul SWCA 1354

ps. I also have two T-Locks in .44 Spl and some 2nd and 3rd Modells in .44 Spl, if you need serial numbers and barrel length send an email.
Thx Paul!

That just increased my database sample by ~ 20%. I always wondered where all those tens of thousands of 455s ended up. We haven't seen near that # come back across the big pond. They must be all over Europe.
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