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Default Not as good in person imho

Sorry so long to get back. Went to the LGS to check out the K22s. Didn't get any at thsose prices. Why? The right side of the Outdoorsman jut seemed to have issues. Sideplate removed? And wrong grips. Possibly reblued? For $799 I just had my doubts.

The $500 4 screw had some issues but for that amount will probably be a good shooter. Again look at the right side, though.

The best looking was the $700 5-screw. Nice sideplate and finish in my opinion BUT (and I have a bad photo of it) heavy scratches on just the right side of the 4th screw. Odd. (But ser number K42488 which puts it at 1948 so its got that going for it; 4 liner, though.)

Just wasn't comfortable with my doubts at those prices. Or maybe I'm just seeing things not there and/or I'm just cheap. Your opinions?

Below pix: outdoorsman, 4 screw in middle (outdoorsman on top, 5 screw below), 5 screw, guard of 5 screw, close up of outdoorsman
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