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Better pics of the Outdoorsman,,I have to say with these that I think it's orig finish and not a repolish & blue. The pics show the more defined edges that I was looking for and the color and texture of the blue is right for the period. None of the pins showing (firing pin retaining pin or bbl pin) have been rounded over from polishing in place.
The side plate was probably off, but that's not a big deal,,it's a 75+ y/o revolver. The front side plate screw was difficult to back out and resulted in the twisted slot in the unwinding of the screw. Totally saveable with a tiny bit of careful hammer work, repolish and touch up blue.
Rear sight looks nice and crisp from the side I can see.
The bluing discoloration on the sideplate and small surface rust are just what you get on a gun that got used and carried.
Grips aren;t orig but the price reflects that. I'd still want to peek under the grips and see if there are any fctory markings there and also check that pin on the left side for signs of a refinish as explained above.

Again it's only opinion based on pics. I'd be tempted on any of them if in the market for a K22 and could inspect the in person.

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