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Just wanted to add a couple of points of for info to those who have not returned their frames yet.

1) Given my (2) frames had been upgraded with Volquartsen parts already, I had to tear them down prior to sending them in for rework. However, rather than rebuild the frame again , I just dumped all the factory internal parts into a bag and included it for them to rebuild. ( I retained the grips, grip screws and mag)I'm thinking it saved us both some labor.

2) It took about 9 days from mailing them out to receiving them back. ( I got the notice/invoice that they had been received at 7 days.
As an aside, I sent my Volquartsen sears in for modification the same day and just got word they have shipped back. Good timing!

3) The frames arrived in as new condition with the new free mags installed.
It's of no matter to me as I'll be installing my (modified) Volquartsen parts in again but the trigger feels worse than ever. A bit heavier and ALLOT of creep. Almost makes me want to get the stones out to improve the trigger without aftermarket parts but that's a new story.

Hope this is of value to someone going forward.
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