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Congrats. Big M69 fan. Might want to reconsider C&S fixed sights. You will probably spend a lot of time finding a load that shoots to the sights and it may not be one you want. Bowen makes a very nice, rugged adjustable rear S&W Rough Country Rear Sights : + Bowen Classic Arms +, Parts Store

Here's a little experiment I did with my 4 1/4" gun bought early in 2014. These early guns had rear sights that were too high (front too low) to adjust standard magnum ammo to point of aim. THAT HAS BEEN FIXED ON CURRENT PRODUCTION GUNS.

Anyway shot only 2 of each load to minimize target clutter and reduce recoil induced fatigue. Shot from a rest at 25 yds, center diamond aim point with all loads and rear sight bottomed out. This shows point of impact differences with different loads. For some reason all of my 69s shoot jacketed bullets several inches left of cast bullets.

Hope you enjoy your M69.


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