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Originally Posted by HeavyDuty Ken View Post
I have my first new revolver in a few years inbound - a Model 69. I plan on shooting mostly .44 Specials through it, but having the ability to use magnums is a plus. I haven't had a .44 since I sold my Super Blackhawk in the early 80s. Usage will be a general shooter and a woods gun for when I'm up north, I currently carry a Ruger 5152 (.45 ACP 3.75" single action) when I'm out in the sticks.

I suspect I'll make a few minor changes to it - grips (thinking Badgers) and a stainless thumbpiece and sideplate screws since I don't care for the "Panda" look. I'm toying with the idea of swapping out the sights for a Cylinder & Slide extreme duty rear and a gold bead front; I've never been a huge fan of S&W's adjustables.

Has anyone here tried the C&S Extreme Duty sights on their 69?
Nice buy, sounds like it's going to be a beauty when you are done.
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