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Welcome to the Forum. Dean gave you the model and manufacture date, so not too much to add, other than Mother-of-Pearl stocks were an option when ordering a revolver from the factory. The distributors also offered a post-manufacture selection of MOPs as well. Your revolver was made before the addition of gold medallions in the top round of the stocks, so those could be original to the gun. Normally, the factory stocks are much thicker and provide a perfect fit to the gun, but the only way to be sure is to get a factory letter that will tell you exactly how the gun left the factory.

I cannot tell from the photos if the trigger and hammer are plated or not, but look too shiny for original, so may have been buffed?? The finish is of the type that looks too good to be true, but cannot tell without a detailed inspection. Unfortunately, the 38 Double Actions do not command much value, mostly because there were over a half-million made, but are great examples of the typical high quality manufacture from S&W.
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