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Thanks, Jim and Alan. I appreciate the info. I have downloaded and filled out the S&WHF Letter of Authenticity request form. I'll post back the results.
I called my dad this morning to tell him the info in your replies. He said he got the gun from his father about 40 years ago. His father got it from a woman in the small town he lived in. And she got it from her father. I don't know if he was the original owner, but, timing-wise based on the 1908 estimate, he could have been.
My father said he has only shot 3 or 4 rounds in it, many years ago (maybe about 30).
Do you (or anyone else) know the best way to "store" the gun. It's just been in a drawer in my father's house, inside a leather K.S & S. holster.
Also, should I have it "cleaned" or leave it as it is.
I don't think I would ever carry or use it, other than maybe firing a few rounds through it at my local range to be sure it still shoots.

Thanks again for you input.

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