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Welcome to the Forum. Storing that gun in a leather holster is probably why the finish is in the condition as shown by your photos. My advise is never store any firearm in a leather holster. It is my understanding that salts from the tanning process remain in the leather and can ruin the finish. Also, leather can absorb humidity and cause rusting. Nickel can be cleaned and polished by using polishing compound. I use Mother's Mag Polish, but there are lots of materials out there to do the job. After polishing, you can put a coat of oil or wax on the surface. Some people say that oil can affect nickel, but after using it for 30 years with no bad effects, I will stick with the practice. As for the internals, it is a good idea to remove the stocks. use a spray carb cleaner or other solvent to soften and remove old oils and grease up inside the revolver. I would then use a spray oil like Birchwood Casey Barricade and work the action.

Ammo is still available for these guns, with Winchester, Remington, and other companies making 38 S&W. They shoot quite well.
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