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Originally Posted by Shark Bait View Post
You mean with a round in chamber? Yes! I would have serious doubts about the qualifications of any "pistol instructor" who says not to. If you are proficient with your firearm it is perfectly safe to have a round chambered. If you're not confident that you are proficient , then don't carry at all. When you see cops in movies chambering a round before they engage a bad guy, that is Hollywood bunk. They are always loaded to capacity with a round chambered.

Not just a round in the chamber, but one in the chamber AND a full magazine. For example, if your magazine is a 10-round magazine when crammed absolutely full, you've got 1 in the chamber and 10 in the magazine, for a total of 11 rounds.
He was saying to load the magazine full, insert it, chamber a round, and leave it be. So, in my above example the gun would be stoked with 10 rounds - 1 in the chamber and 9 remaining in the magazine.

I will edit my original post to reflect what I'm talking about.
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