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Originally Posted by SVT28 View Post
I just looked over the box of ammo and found a warning regarding not shooting this ammo through a compensated/ported gun. For the life of me I've never noticed this warning. Would this have anything to do with the failure?
Originally Posted by GaryS View Post
It might. Either way, it likely will give Federal and S&W an out. Nice gun, sorry to see that this happened.
This thread is making me physically ill just reading it as I remember what you paid for that gun.

I don't think this was something about the very common, relatively low-powered factory ammo and I don't think that warning on the box is relevant to the incident & damage in other than the way GaryS is concerned about it... i.e., an easy out for all potentially responsible parties involved. That warning supposedly has to do with bullet plating spitting out the ports, although some say it has to do with the low-powered ammo sometimes not being able to cycle the slide in a ported gun.

We need to remember that this is a 20+ year old gun for which we know little to nothing about its prior history. I don't think it was anything the OP did wrong. I think it's more likely that it has to do with its prior history or, as others have said, perhaps a hidden materials flaw in the Bar-Sto barrel that simply found its time to give way.

Externally, the gun does not look like it was ever abused and I would think the gun is worth saving... but the key will be finding (or having made) a replacement barrel without breaking the bank.
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