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"Do you know what's a really bloody miserable car to drive? A 1963 split-window 427 Corvette. Just awful! Power steering and brakes was optional. You had to crank up the windows yourself. No traction control, no ABS. And the gas mileage is miserable! I much prefer my Prius!"

This is what I hear when people complain about the 59. And thank God! If more folks had the good sense to appreciate the original first-generation wundernines, they probably couldn't be had for such a great price.

They're accurate, and generally pretty reliable. In double-action, the trigger is very long and somewhat heavy, but realistically, you'd be a fool to choose a 59 for carry purposes (they lack a firing pin block, and a 3rd-gen can be had for just a smidge more).

Of course they're not as refined as a gun that (still) costs twice as much and has an entirely different fire control design, or a pistol made 12 years after their introduction. If you have $500-$600 to spend on a pistol, and just want the best thing you can get, get something else.

But if you're looking for the best damn thing you can get for about $275, or if you really appreciate old, cool stuff, the 59 can't be beat.
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