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Originally Posted by TTSH View Post
Only one for sale in my area is $599; however, I must admit that it's in very close to brand new condition.


As a gun bought to be carried or otherwise used for personal protection today, you can likely find something cheaper or for the same price that you may like better.
That is an absurd price in any condition. I'd probably carry a 59 over a Makarov or (shudder) a Hi-Point, but I think that I'd much rather take the money I'd spend on one and put it into a decent used J-frame. Or just save another couple hundred and look for a Glock/M&P/etc.

Originally Posted by plmcrzy67
Ha Ha, I have one of those bloody miserable cars it's just in the form of a 67 Pontiac Firebird. The reason I was asking for info on the 59 was that I was talking to a friend of mine about guns and he mentioned that he had one from when he was a leo back in the 70's still has box paperwork and even the original sales reciept. I don't think he plans to sell it, and I didn't ask. I just never seen one before and he peaked my interest when he mentioned it. I would however like to see that range report!! Thanks to all............Mark
Mine doesn't do badly. That's the weird thing--every complaint people have about their ergonomics is 100% true. The sights aren't the best, either, which is something nobody's thought to complain about yet. But somehow, it shoots better than all of its faults would have you believe.

I've only had one stoppage on it, as well, and that was with 115-gr ammunition that was loaded very light to begin with.
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