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Originally Posted by Wise_A View Post
That is an absurd price in any condition. I'd probably carry a 59 over a Makarov or (shudder) a Hi-Point, but I think that I'd much rather take the money I'd spend on one and put it into a decent used J-frame. Or just save another couple hundred and look for a Glock/M&P/etc.
Whoever is going to buy that pristine perfect, as-new Model 59 at $599 or a little less is likely not going to carry it around... nor is he or she likely to think that a good, used J-frame or Glock will fit into their collection better. Chances are actually pretty good that the buyer might already own a J-frame or two and possibly even a Glock or two as well. This will probably not have been their first rodeo.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that some Smith & Wesson collector will come along and buy it someday... just like the original 600+ gun collector who had previously wanted it in his collection.

Shooters and defensive carriers often don't "get" gun collectors. I understand that. Believe it or not, some guns are bought not to be carried daily or even used as primary self-defense weapons in the home. Some people just buy certain guns because they want one for their collection.
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