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Originally Posted by iPac View Post
My whole setup was purchased "used" and it was all RCBS equipment. The Uni-Flow was included.

Upon immediate research, I found the recommendation to use the baffle. Considering I didn't want to pay money for one, I also found the diagram online to make my own, and I also used a scrap piece of roof flashing/duct work flashing.

The baffle definitely helps with metering, as the weight of the powder affects it. By using the baffle, it keeps the powder uniform and metering perfect.

If I were you, I would make my own. Really simple. If you can't find the online diagram, I have it saved to my computer and can share the PDF with you.

My Uni-Flow is so accurate that I can load hundreds of rounds without checking the powder weight because it stays where set and consistently meters so well. I still check about every 50rds though, but every time it isn't needed.
Wow, that's just about unanimous. I'm getting one ASAP make it or buy it. Yes, I can accept a lot more variations in rifle loads and I never use max load in them. The big Lee Scoops work fine. But that low end between 1 and 20 grains is pretty critical for pistol.
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