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goodoboy wrote:
...any recommendations for me?

After a range trip or two, people are going to start telling you that you have to replace or upgrade your:
Front sight base,
Bolt carrier group,
Buffer spring,
Recoil buffer, and/or
Rear sight.
In fact people who didn't know which end of the rifle to point downrange will turn out to be "experts" on what you need to change with your "entry level rifle" and they will be surprising generous spending YOUR money.

Ignore them.

Or tell them that if whatever they're recommending is so essential, they can buy it and you'll be happy to install it.

Spend a few months with the rifle and put a few hundred rounds downrange. By that time YOU will know what you like and don't like about it and what you want to spend your money to change.

I asked my sons to do that. One added a bolt-on carrying handle with A2 rear sight while my other son has not made any changes to his.
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