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Originally Posted by cmansguns View Post
So.....couple things don't look right to me. The Banjor Punta box is not a fake but the label is on upside down which may not be a biggy but enough so that I am curious.
The upside down label is normal. It's upside down on the box for my Model 28-2 of 1973.

I remembered reading an explanation for this practice somewhere on this forum...and to quote Lee Jarrett from a post made here on November 24, 2011, here's the reason:

Originally Posted by handejector View Post
When pulled from a stack in the factory vault by grasping the sides of the box, the bottom tray and the gun were sometimes dropped, damaging the gun.

With the label inverted and grasping the sides, if you drop it, it hits the floor in a complete box.
Amazing, isn't it...the things you learn by hanging out on this forum?
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