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Default Looking for Reloading Manuals

Im getting into reloading for the 38 SPCL and 357 Magnum and I want to buy some data books. My question is what do you recommend? From a few of old reloading manuals I have flipped through, load data is crazy for these cartridges. A manual from 40 years ago will list 6.0 grains of unique as a max load for 38 but then another manual from 5 years ago will list it as a 4.9 grain max load. Im loading 38 Special for my early 70's Taurus model 84. I have put Remington white box 125 +p SJHP through it before but i would prefer not to give it too hot of a load and crack a cylinder wall. Please don't bash my Taurus, it is a gorgeous S&W M15 knock off. For the 357 loads im putting them through a 686-6p so im looking for some hot data for 357. I will be using Lee 158 gr SWC casted from wheel weights/ birdshot and powder coating them with Eastwood powder coating.
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