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Default You know what projectile you...

You know what projectile you are going to use, so that's a good step. Being a 158 gr, LSWC best is to use lead data. Lyman reloading manual pays a lot of attention to lead bullets.

I have the 49th edition. I think there may be a 50th now, I'm not sure.

Decide what kind of shooting you will be doing. Target? You don't need hot load, if fact, many of the lighter loads work best for target.

Bullseye, Accurate #2, Titegroup are all good target powders. One problem with these is that they use such a tiny amount, that if you double charge by accident your gun and maybe you will be destroyed. So be VERY VERY careful and check the charged cases before you seat the bullet.

More medium burning powders have a little bulk to them. Unique, Win 231 or HP38 (actually the same powder) and Accurate #5 are excellent for .38 Special.

Look at the powders in the manual that will do what you want. Make a list from most desirable to the least. Availability is a bit of a problem because all stores don't carry all brands.

DO read and study reloading thoroughly if you haven't already before you load anything. Start with mild loads and work up if you want.
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