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Default Ruger 1970's Flashback.....

Some weeks back, after reading a few threads here on the SWF/Enabler's Forum, I started reminiscing about my first centerfire handgun - a Ruger Security Six .357 4" SS.

I was a teen, ~1975, working in a LGS and had put it on layaway, periodically putting part of my ~$2.00/hr wages towards it, the Bianchi #5B and Herrett's grips. Once paid off, my Dad had to actually purchase it for me.

Some months later I started handloading and with a friend, we set about to become Elmer Keith disciples, and were gonna turn our .357's into .44 Magnums, no matter what. (friend had a .357 Blackhawk). We often went stupidly beyond the right-hand column in loading manuals. I'm sure we tortured those guns, but they did fine.

I started hankering for more barrel length and had an acquaintance trade me a M28 6", even for the Ruger.
I was thrilled, and being a M28, it handled those .357 +P+ rounds just fine also.
Eventually, a little maturity, common sense and a 'rifle stage' came along and the M28 got traded away.

So, as mentioned, some threads here got me wanting (no need, just 'want') a sort of replacement for the long-lost Ruger that got me started on the path of handguns and handloading.

Found this one on GB, and probably overpaid by about $30. S/N dates it to 1975. That date is just before the Ruger-marked 'Made in 200th Year of American Liberty' and the later 'novel on the barrel' referencing how to get an owner's manual.

Someone had polished it, and that is certainly not my thing - I'll probably ScotchBrite pad it back to some semblance of original.
Took awhile to find the smooth Target grips, but really like them. They even have the tiniest bit of palm-swell, ala 'Cokes'. Not a fan of the big rectangular 'hole' that Ruger wanted on the bottom of them for a S/N view.

So, an old guy reclaims a small icon of his youth. Not exactly a red convertible with accompanying blonde, but I'd never be able to afford either.
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