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Default HELP! Looking for information on schofield revolver!

Well, tonight I purchased a Schofield revolver chambered in 44 Russian! Paperwork from a local appraiser states in 2008 the following "Smith and Wesson #3 schofield with factory letter indicating shipment as a blued gun to Hartley and graham New York in 1880 and was most likely engraved during the finishing process but there is no documentation to prove said engraving" it also says "if this was a colt of the same exact era and contain it would push 5 digits at auction!". Bore and cylinder are in excellent condition, rifling is like NEW, some minor pitting on the front of the cylinder but not bad! Complete engraving on left side of barrel is worn off from living its life in a holster as well as the left side grip being severely worn and chipped! Oh...and the best's serial is either 38 or could possibly 238 but I can't make out if there's a 3rd number fully due to wear! Here are some pictures, any information is appreciated on Hartley and graham and any information and or direction towards setting up a buyer/figuring out the worth is appreciated! Pictures in link

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