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Originally Posted by 30-30remchester View Post
My first handgun was a 6" Ruger 22 automatic and a Hunter holster. I finally got it paid off before my 15th birthday. Mom had to sign the papers about a week after I picked it up at the LGS. I carried it home on the school bus. While showing it around the driver asked me if it was unloaded and then asked to look at it. Ah the good old days. After a decade of abuse I gave it to a friend. About a year ago, 35 years later, he gave it back. After that handgun I bought a 200th anniversary Security Six with a 6" tube. Being a fan of Keith I as well put copious amounts of 2400 behind a 158 grain swc. I used that combo to sort out a wounded bear in his den. Never felt under gunned.
30-30remchester - Pretty neat, as the Ruger .22 Auto (before they were 'Mark Anythings') and a Hunter holster was also my first handgun, and parents helped to buy it used it at a gun show at age 15. Very different times.
I ran truckloads of ammo through that gun before trading it about 2009.
In fact, it very well may have been a smoothbore before I got rid of it.
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