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Default Apex Trigger is "Mushy" at the end

A few years back I picked up a BNIB first generation M&P in 357 Sig, small sear plunger, no stupid white letters on the slide. Since it's a range toy, I put an Apex trigger (the $40 one) in it out of curiosity, and then changed the small plunger sear block to the newer, larger one, per Apex' recommendation.

The other evening, my brother and I were talking guns, and got out my M&Ps, the above 357 and my first gen, bendy trigger, small plunger, never failed me HD gun in 9mm. We were doing some dry firing, and noticed that although the Apex trigger has a lighter release, it also has a very mushy release, right at the end, almost like something is bending or deflecting. The stock 9mm has a heavier, but very crisp break, for tupperware at least.

Is this normal for Apex triggers? Did I maybe do something wrong during the install? Gun is 100% functional, never had a hiccup since day 1. Neither has the 9mm for that matter.

While I'm on the subject, opinions on that Apex tactical reset doodad? I noticed that both M&Ps have basically no indication of reset, it's completely smooth and silent.

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