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Originally Posted by digiroc View Post
No restrictions on civilian use (fixed that in my post), but there are restrictions on sales unless you provide documentation on being a "Qualified Professional" This can be Police, Fireman, Commercial Pilot, and some other professionals :

+Critical+Duty+50ct+box]Hornady 45ACP 220gr+P FlexLock[emoji769] Critical Duty 50ct box $0.00

This also gets you a discounted price of $25 for a 50 round box.

I'm not sure what Bud's is trying to do but there's nothing about that ammo that's restricted to "Qualified Professionals". It doesn't explode on impact, doesn't go around corners, cannot be locked onto a target. No more or less deadlier then HST or GD. I own several boxes of it in 9 and 40 I bought at Cabela's a while ago. No one asked for ID. Just logged on to SGammo .........


So after browsing Bud's for a few minutes it seems that that is just their "discount" program. They just market the 50 round boxes for "Professionals". Seems like Bud's discount is the same as regular price elsewhere! Whatever! Ill just buy my 50 round boxes of Speer Gold Dot for $25 or HST for $27 without a special discount
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