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A pet peeve of mine has always been the so called "expert" appraisers, etc. who will "verify" everything from the Lost Arc of the Covenant to George Washington's wooden teeth, as 100% genuine. Saying an appraiser "can't know everything" is a cop out. A truly qualified appraiser, who has been admitted to the Federal and State Courts as an expert witness on identification and value estimates, will quickly say they "do not know" about any items with which they are not very familiar. Many of these "experts" reside in the bowels of the large auction houses, such as the recent auction sale of a Schofield supposedly given by a member of the James-Younger gang to a friend, the house "expert" appraised & identified the gun as a "1st model commercial" based on the fact he did not see a cartouche on the well worn stocks ! Fortunately for the buyer, a forum member was able to expose this fraud before payment was made. Ed.

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