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Originally Posted by dkelly27 View Post
I already did what you said and it works fine. Thanks for the help. I to am awed by the superiority. I guess I didn't learn much in the last 68 years.
You're welcome. Like you, I struggled mightily with my 7-rounders trying to get those tabs into the floorplate. I discovered the solution by accident while pushing on them to get them lined up just right with their holes. No matter what angle I tried, it didn't work. I kept pushing them farther and farther back, my punch slipped, and "SNAP!", they were back in the floorplate. I'd like to claim I figured it out using brilliant mechanical logic, but in reality it was pure happenstance. I have three 7-rounders, and I have opened them up at least twice each, so I've gotten some practice. Only once have I had the good fortune of having the tabs slip back into place while sliding on the floorplate. Anyone who claims they've never had the tabs stick out after reassembly needs only to wait, because it WILL happen.

In any case, it was all worth the struggle, because my Shield .45 is a great pistol!
What, me worry?

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