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Originally Posted by codenamedave View Post
That's interesting, as most civilian guns where ordered through the DSC to be sent elsewhere. Was the DSC the end shipping point? Maybe they had their own guard force?
No. Whether this is unusual or routine entirely depends on the shipping date. After the establishment of the DSC's control over handgun distribution in late 1941, initially the DSC ordered large quantities of revolvers from the factories to be shipped to its central warehouse, to be distributed to approved end users. These guns will letter to the DSC, not the end user, as Roy does not have that information.

At a point fairly early on, based on my (pretty sparse) data points sometime in March 1942, the DSC seems to have decided to get out of the shipping business and simply process requests and authorize direct shipments from the factory to the end user instead. From then on, factory records reveal the recipient and guns will letter accordingly.
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