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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
30 Dollar Gun Belt | High Caliber Gun Belts. Period. Thirty Dollar Gun Belt

Anyone try this belt? Got good reviews around the web...even some YouTube videos on it. Seems like a really good deal.
It's an unlined belt (images) so at roughly 1/4" thick the blank would be slit from a side or back that is at least 16 ounce 6.5 mm; which is unlikely. The Wicket & Craig I use runs 5.5 mm max so less than 1/4".

 gun belt?-leather-thickness-chart-jpg

Such a very thick vegetable tanned leather could be, if of a very firm temper, a gorgeous belt. I've been known to make Threepersons belts of 14 ounce single thickness.

Yet -- with the cost of leather, waste/scrap, labour, hardware, taxes, light bills, machinery -- how would it be done?
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